Paint Protection Film

Virtually invisible ultimate protection

Unrivaled clarity
Unmatched longevity
Ultimate protection

Paint Protection Film (PPF) gives you the ultimate protection of all protections. It has a self-healing effect so any scratches or swirls disappear just like that. You don’t need to sweat it if you made a mistake or some jealous person keys your car.

Protect yourself from road debris and rock chips and go for that road trip that you’ve put off, without any worry. Go ahead. Park in that tight space. Door dings no longer are relevant.

What are you waiting for?

Ford-GT-PPF-Installation-4 Hermont Spa Car Detailing Protection PPF Wrap Vancouver

We Recommend

PPF + Ceramic Coating

Most of our clients choose PPF for the best protection possible, but then choose to add Ceramic Coating on top of the film.

Sound redundant? Not really. Ceramic Coating will not protect your paint the same way PPF does. It is still prone to rock chips, dings, and deep scratches.

Adding Ceramic Coating on top of PPF will enhance the gloss and add the ease of maintenance of the car so you have the best of both worlds.

Ford-GT-PPF-Installation-3 Hermont Spa Vancouver Detailing PPF Wrap Protection
Ford-GT-PPF-Complete-2 Hermont Spa Car Detailing Protection PPF Wrap Vancouver
Ford-GT-PPF-Complete-3 Hermont Spa Car Detailing PPF Wrap Vancouver

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